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Shared-rides available in the form of friendly software for your employees

How does it work?

Shared-rides is the best way to reduce the problems with parking, costs of commuting as well as  contribute to environmental protection. Employees riding together to work are less exposed to stress, easily get to know each  and are more motivated to work. Get the benefits for your business  care for  employees and the environment.

What do we offer?

A dedicated platform for shared-rides to work inOneCar.com

Promotional support

We offer purposeful marketing plan of implementation with a set of goals to inform employees about   the ridesharing program. The promotion within the company will encourage the use of inOneCar.com. Select a promotional package and Implement carpooling for daily commutes to work and business-related traveling. Preparation of graphic design & its customization in accordance with CI, all designed and prepared in agreement of client’s preferences and requirements.



For employer

  • lower cost of renting a parking space
  • saving on commuting acts as a common wage increase
  • aditional integration of employees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

For employee

  • No more parking problems!
  • reduce of commuting costs even about 75%
  • integration with colleagues
  • personal contribution to environmental protection

Travelling in four frees up three parking spaces. Using this eco-friendly form of transport is friendly for our wallets and environemnt.

Karolina Długosz
CSR Manager
Capgemini Poland

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