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CEO & founder of inonecar.com. Starting from the next year he will be a regular visitor of his own garage. :) His carpooling start-up idea started from his love of the automotive industry and new technologies. But seriously, some time ago he didn't have anybody to go to work together with and enjoy the long ride. It was just to expensive to commute alone to work every day. He just didn't want to hit the road alone & at the same time thought about being eco-friendly! In his dictionary there are no such words as "can not" and "do not eat". Favorite tools are a screwdriver and keyboard. In his free time ... which aparently he doesn't have:), but perfectly knows all the details about new films, not only the blackbusters.
Of education and in practice - programmer. He is the one called 'madcap' with a calm personality and being a born optimist. He thinks that everything happens for a reason, both the positive and negative things have sense - both positive and negative. Strongly believes in dreams and knows that they can really come true if you put some work into it. Loves having fun from time to time.
A very patient user's. with passion for making buzz in the internet. Born optimist with a happy nature. A lover of Italian food and wine. Addicted to sports and coffee. He really likes travelling, enjoys small and big trips. Can be compared to 'Japanese tourist', she never leaves her camera.
Graphic designer (also after work), real love of his home town Jelenia Góra (and generally the mountains), "Northern Exposure", sad music and movies. Home photographer with lots of old cameras, bar philosopher and founder of a non-existing band. He does not believe in random name's coincidence with the creator of Photoshop.
Fan of new technologies, fast cars and traditional oriental cuisine (kebab lover). After work he switches off completely with computer games and criminal series. So well-organized like a Sicilian mafia, honest like Dr. House, but in a less dark way. He's got really cosmic hopies, being fascinated with the universe. If he hadn't been the programmer, he would have been an astronaut. He likes striped jumpers and evening going-outs.
Modest programmer with a rich inner life. In addition to his coding world he found himself comfortable in the world of exotic travelling. He has already been in the jungle, travelled shinkansenami, eaten a snake & dnaced with wolves - yes, he did it some time ago, even if he denies it. Taciturn by nature, but when I speak, always hits the mark. He does not like people walking the middle of the pavement and trains running late.

Mission: Inonecar.com is a portal to support and popularise the idea of ​​car-sharing, literally filling the car with people not to hit the road alone & save big
Inonecar.com is a place connecting the drivers with passengers, discovering fun of carpooling which can reduce travel costs, protect the environment and socialize.

How did it happen: Simon is the creator of this website. Together with professional coding experience he's got a long experience commuting to work every day. In the past, he tried in vain to find someone to commute to work together. Every morning, the streets are flooded with single-driver cars creating heavy traffic and huge traffic jams during rush hours.It would be enough take each of them took one person, and on the streets of many cars disappear. Thanks to all jeździłoby a cheaper, easier and for the benefit of the environment.

What will you gain: You can reduce your travelling expences, protect the environment and get to know new people.

What distinguishes us: The route searching engine is entirely based on the geolocation on the whole route. This makes possible to look for offered shared-rides along the route, not only through the destination points.
Only here you will find the passenger to take "along" your way. Only with us you can add few rides within one city or town.

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